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Deposit Insurance and Bank Intermediation in Indonesia

Deposit Insurance and Bank Intermediation in Indonesia

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The book assesses the impact, which the establishment of Indonesian deposit insurance agency (IDIC) has had on bank intermediation. Bank intermediation is assessed through several channels, which include: i) source and use of funds (looks at the composition of source and use of funds and trajectory: savings deposits, demand deposits, and time deposits); ii) degree to which the threshold set at IDR 100 million as the maximum amount per account covered under deposit insurance regime, induced an increase in the total number of accounts having a maximum of that figure; iii) trajectory of bank credit disbursed by general banks to traditionally risky sectors such as agriculture; and iv) disbursement of bank credit to a high risk region in the aftermath of a natural disaster that increased the probability of default at the micro and macro level. Study findings indicate that IDIC establishment hasn’t fundamentally altered savings and borrowing functions in Indonesian banking system but induced higher variation in working credit, credit disbursed to risky sectors, rise in bank Indonesia certificates in bank portfolios, depositor interestin and sensitivity to bank performance.
An Assessment of IDIC’s role in Rekindling Public Confidence in Indonesian Banking Industry Post 1997/1998 crisis