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Measuring I-banking's quality with WebQEM. A Case Study on Romania

Measuring I-banking's quality with WebQEM. A Case Study on Romania

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The book presents a pioneering initiative regarding the substantiation and development of a coherent methodological approach necessary in evaluating the ergonomics and usability of I-banking applications by using the WebQEM method. In order to experiment the WebQEM method on I-banking applications, the author conducted a comprehensive research on a sample of 26 banks in Romania, describing in detail the content and the stages of application of this calimetric method. The possibility of calculating the partial preferences for each quality feature of I-banking applications and overall quality of preferences was recovered by the author in this research, to use the great cognitive strategic potential of WebQEM. The final assessment of the quality characteristics and overall preference values obtained for each I-banking application analysis, allowed the author to make the first and only top of the banks in Romania so far, depending on the quality of I-banking applications. Given the successful adaptation of the WebQEM method to the needs of assessment of the I-banking applications, the present paper and the obtained information have a highly strategic valuing potential.
Research on the quantitative evaluation of the Romanian Internet banking applications’ quality, using WebQEM