Bank Credit and   Industrial Production

Bank Credit and Industrial Production

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Recent decades industries have registered a quantum jump, which has contributed to high economic growth. The studies focused on relationship between quantum of bank credit deployment and extents of industrial production are meager. It is an attempt towards filling the gap by examining the relationship. This work divided into five chapters, chapter I introduces the main theme and chapter II discusses the past experience and design. Chapter III explains the trends and correlation. Chapter IV presents the Granger causality test in VAR framework and chapter V summarizes the findings, suggestions and conclusion. It is very useful to the academicians, researchers, planners and policy makers who engaged in the area of bank credit and industrial sector to understand the relationship and measure the performance to make investment decision. It opens up new avenues for further research to find the causality of relationship between various categories of financial system and relevant components contributing to economic growth in VAR framework and varied econometric options.
An Indian Experience