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Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs in Tanzania

Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs in Tanzania

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Women are active participants in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which contribute 40 percent of the Tanzania economy’s GDP. Although the proportion of women accessing micro-credit from MFIs is increasing, the majority of them are still considered a bad credit risk and are underserved. Most financial institutions frequently deny them access to micro credit financing. This book addresses this problem drawing on an in-depth study of women entrepreneur in SMEs’ access to micro credit financing from microfinance institutions in the knowledge based economy. Seeking to understand difficulties facing women in Small and Medium Enterprises in obtaining bank loans, the book explores the problems that hinder women to access credit from MFIs, the proportion of women entrepreneurs and category of credit services they access. The book is useful to professionals in the field of Microfinance, Tax Administration, Banking, SMEs, Management, Policy development and women empowerment.
Access to Micro Credit Financing in the Knowledge Based Economy