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Market Information and Stock Returns: The Nepalese Evidence

Market Information and Stock Returns: The Nepalese Evidence

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The financial markets have been suffering from unforeseen and sudden economic turbulences that have been directly or indirectly influences the assets values. To analyze such these market influences, the separate discipline, investment management was formed in Finance and developed chronologically up to current professional and scientific phase. It is the fact that the market has been stimulated by the financial indicators which is in number as well as by the behavioral characteristics of the investment communities. Moreover, while considering the financial market as the mirror of economy it is equally important to note that the market moves on the sentiments and the trading behavior of the market participants. In the meantime, the trading behaviors depend upon the market information such as financial and non-financial - media, politics, hypes, etc. The study analyzes the market information and stock returns in Nepalese context in 2012. The study primarily focus on the usefulness of the historical database, the financial news coverage and its effects on stock returns, the political leadership effects on stock returns, and the study also determine the factors of investment decision.