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Governance and Regulation Issues

Governance and Regulation Issues

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The world financial crisis has brought to the stage a number of changes & reforms influencing the perception of competitiveness basis of the modern banking systems, role of regulation, future strategic decisions etc. The consequences of the crisis have posed a question of balance between theoretical evidence of the competition in the banking & financial sectors worldwide & practical approaches under the current circumstances. What should be the core elements in the banks’ corporate strategies to mitigate effects of crisis & achieve competitive advantages? How the effective integration & coordination could be reached in a global financial market? How to conduct the international regulation & anti-crisis bank governance in order to improve financial stability? Which degree of harmonization of regulation & bank governance standards worldwide should be proposed to ensure market discipline? Do the schemes of the state financial support for financial institutions in terms of bank bailout programmes provide an effective solution for risk management and sustainability strengthening?
Corporate Governance and Bank Regulation