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Internet Stock Trading: A Conceptual and Practical Approach

Internet Stock Trading: A Conceptual and Practical Approach

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This book simply and effectively traces the evolution and development of Internet stock trading and is an attempt to convert a novice into informed internet-based investors. Keeping in view of the rising trend of net-based technology in stock market, the attempt is made to examine the attitudes of adopters and non-adopters toward Internet stock trading. The attitude of Net brokers and non-net brokers is also brought to consideration by the book. The attempt is also made to examine the problems and prospects of Net-based trading. The book also identifies the various factors which discriminate between adopters and non-adopters, and net brokers and non-net brokers. The book may aid the stockbrokers as also the policymakers in devising more effective strategies to encourage Internet stock trading. Besides, the book may also provide the researchers as well as the practitioners with better understanding of the potential of Internet stock trading. Last and but not the least, the book also provides students and investors the information about novel way of trading channel to earn money by trading directly through their stockbrokers from the comfort of their homes by just one click of mouse.