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Role Of Nabard In Rural Transformation

Role Of Nabard In Rural Transformation

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Rural transformation being the design to improve the economic and social conditions of rural population, involves strategies for extending the benefits of development to the rural majority. The objectives of rural transformation efforts therefore require NABARD’s various development strategies in various states of India including Uttar Pradesh for bringing in changeover of standards of living in the rural areas through the functioning of its refinancing schemes. The rural transformation therefore requires a paradigm shift to enhance the productivity in the process of rural development so that some improvements could be brought in to enable the poor to earn a decent wage rate and improve their quality of life. Thus in order assess NABARD’s performance as a major player and contributor in rural transformation and to identify the areas of rural development whereby provisions of credit along with the introduction of rural schemes have been functioning, could be studied necessitates improvements. The study would also bring about strengths and weaknesses of the NABARD’s policies for rural transformation.