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The impact of SACCOs on members' Socio-Economic status

The impact of SACCOs on members' Socio-Economic status

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UMURENGE SACCOs in Rwanda are the integral part of the financial system by which communities are mobilized to engage in productive activities so as to generate income, to create employment opportunities, stimulate the economy of a well defined area and thereby improve their livelihood situation. Today, microfinance is accepted as a necessary instrument for reducing poverty in Rwanda. As long as, the appropriate instruments are well used in a suitable legal framework, microfinance can help in strengthening the poor’s capacities, to create jobs and to generate revenues on a sustainable basis (MINECOFIN, July 5, 2007). It is on this note that researcher decided to find out the impact UMURENGE SACCOs have on their members in HUYE district. The researcher found that SACCOs in Huye district impacted positively on members’ well being in the way of their relationship, monthly income, children enrolled in schools, improved diets, financial literacy, and in their health status through the issuance of health insurance loans and by purchasing new assets, hence wealth accumulation.
A case study of Huye SACCOs in Rwanda (2009-May2012)