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Initial Public Offering

Initial Public Offering

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In the modern world, companies have to find numerous new ways to develop. Development, however, is often interconnected with investments. Then, the question appears – what is the best solution to allow a company finance them? A wide variety of possibilities, such as business angels, taking a loan or liquidation of assets can be considered. In this book, another source of funding is presented and profoundly analysed – Initial Public Offering (IPO). This very book, though initially a report, came to existence as a result of research conducted by a group of students, supervised by their lecturer – Sebatian Bakalarczyk, at the Lodz University of Technology. Their project was realised as a Problem Based Learning programme at their university. Then, the most ambitious as well as knowledge-seeking student decided to continue their investigation in order to gain full understanding of the topic. The authors hope that presented results give a thorough insight into the extremely complicated matter of choosing the appropriate way of financing as well as the reasons behind going public.
The Problem Based Learning Project Work Report