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Interest rate risk exposure&Fin.Performance of commercial banks-Uganda

Interest rate risk exposure&Fin.Performance of commercial banks-Uganda

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The book explains how interest rate risk exposure affects the financial performance of commercial banks in Uganda. The banking sector in Uganda is extremely exposed to various risk exposures in terms of volatility from exchange rates, currency fluctuations, oil prices shocks and inflation which later affects the lending activities of the banks. The purpose of the study was to highlight the key measures, strategies and best practices of minimizing risk exposures in the banking sector by practicing best risk management approaches in line with the international best practices of managing interest rate risks. The study has created avenues for discussion to the extent that the commercial banks in Uganda has achieved good sound and strong measures of the Camel rating risks measures of financial performance and risk reduction strategies in order to curb future risk exposures in the sector. We explore to encourage readers to compare our approach to bring in more insights to the banking sector best practices of interest rate risk management and best ways to sustain bank performance in the fragile environments especially financial crisis in the global financial markets and fragile economies