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Rastin Banking

Rastin Banking

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Many economists around the world have done their best to eliminate Riba from banking activities, but have not achieved much. Rastin Banking, in compliance with Sharia, has been compiled not to only eliminate Riba, but also to institutionalize various teachings of justice and Islamic ethics in banking activities. Good points of Rastin Banking in all fields of banking, financial, economic, ethical, social and international matters are so expanded that can be based to improve banking structure of any country. It is a total unique solution for Islamic banking at international level and all banks can carry out their activities on this basis. Rastin Banking fulfills all ethic definitions ever defined for ethic finance and even more fulfills Islamic principles of ethics, wherein individuals and bank are duty bound to be accountable for each and every actions conducted by them and to do right. This system is an open-source banking model and all banks around the globe can easily install and use it. Rastin Banking can create safe financial activities and helping economy to bloom, fare distribution of possibilities and opportunities, job creation and increasing the welfare of the society.
New Operational Islamic Banking System Volume One Theoretical Foundations