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Rastin Banking (Volume II)

Rastin Banking (Volume II)

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To increase the compliance of banking operations with principles and regulations of Islam religion, and better access to safe financial activities and helping the economy to bloom, fair distribution of possibilities and opportunities, job creation and increasing economic stability and welfare of the society, Rastin Banking was designed and all banks around the world can carry out their activities on this basis. Rastin Banking is based on special operational, financial, economic, ethical, social, legal, international and organizational principles considering the latest scientific humankind achievements in the fields of science and technology with the aim of economic and banking growth and development in the society. In Rastin PLS Base System, on behalf of depositor, bank finances entrepreneur and will distribute profit/loss of his project in proportion and duration of capital usage between depositor and entrepreneur or change his deposit to the shares of the entrepreneur’s company. New financial innovations are introduced in Rastin Banking such as 27 kinds of Rastin Certificates and 4 types of Rastin Swap Bonds in 8 Financial Base System and Subsystems and 7 Complementary Systems.
New Operational Islamic Banking System Application Issues