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Evolution of FOREX

Evolution of FOREX

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Currencies are ‘As Good As Gold’. Twenty-four-hour-a-day currency trading follows the sun around the globe. The foreign exchange market ‘FOREX’ is by far the largest financial market in the world. Exchange rates are important as they affect the cost of imports/exports and investments with an effect on inflation. The impact of global financial turmoil on the exchange rate policies in developing countries shows that spillovers from advanced financial markets are likely to be exacerbated during crisis periods. Forex is emerging as the most exciting and fastest moving market in developed regions of the world! In Forex trading, as in business or in life, you need a plan. This book presents a comprehensive description of the basics of FOREX with in-depth discussion on its evolution. It provides advanced information of such a fascinating market and the roles of different key-players. The readers will take a worthy idea on the FOREX trading and an overview on its updates and advanced concepts. This book should prove useful in throwing light on the impact of FOREX on developing countries and its role in growth and progress, and in translating these concepts to improve traders’ performance.
Impact on developing countries