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Influence of IT Security on banks' competitiveness

Influence of IT Security on banks' competitiveness

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Have you ever asked yourself what is the connection between IT Security and banks’ competitiveness? This book gives you a direct answer from top level experts, which accumulated knowledge since years as project manager or senior consultant. The study reveals that IT Security has to be included into strategic planning, as it influences banks’ competitiveness. Secondly the knowledge about the impact of inner organizational factors on IT Security is interesting, allowing optimizations in performance and cost effectiveness. The study summarizes the current available literature in this sector. Additionally a quantitative survey, including all relevant variables was conducted. It was sampled with a total of 377 experts who are employed in IT Security in banks or related sectors. This book is a must-read for each bank and everyone who deals with IT Security issues in Strategic Management. It offers precise mathematical statements about the dependencies which are essential for all decision makers of banks in highly volatile financial markets. It is a CEO/DG must!