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Bad Debts Resolutions in Vietnam Banking System

Bad Debts Resolutions in Vietnam Banking System

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There has been a raising concern about the bad debts in the Vietnamese banks recently. This book concentrates on finding solutions for this critical issue basing on quantitative as well as qualitative analysis. The quantitative approach focuses on finding the causes of the bad debt by establishing the models that describe the relationship between bad debts factors as macroeconomic indicators and bank-specific factors. Apart from control the amount of bad debts based on quantitative model, the qualitative model focus on AMC (Asset Management Company) model, by studying the application of this model in Korea and China. The operations of AMCs of commercial banks and Debt and Asset Trading Corporation (DATC) – a centralized AMC in Vietnam are also evaluated. All of these factors serve as foundation to set recommendations to improve the effectiveness of this model in Vietnam in disposing bad debts. The two set of actions with one proactively restricts the increase of bad debts and one focus on current bad debts amount need to carry out simultaneously and rapidly in order to bring the highest results.
Quantitative Analysis and AMCs Model