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Funds Management of Co-operative Banks

Funds Management of Co-operative Banks

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The cooperative movement in India is the agricultural credit cooperative Movement. India is basically an agricultural country. Near about 70 percent of Indian population depends upon agriculture directly or indirectly. Agriculturists want credit for cultivation, because they are economically poor. The first central cooperative bank was registered in Uttar Pradesh in 1906 as a primary society followed by Bombay in 1910. Soon after the amendment of the cooperative societies Act in 1912 a large number of central banks were established. At present the Indian short-term cooperative credit structure consist of 29 state cooperative banks at a state level, 367 district central cooperative banks at district level and 93816 primary agricultural cooperative societies of village level.The present study is undertaken mainly to study the funds management of district central cooperative banks with special reference to Marathwada region during period 1990-91 to 2004-05.The secondary data about financial resources of District Central Cooperative Banks drawn from the financial statements, annual reports and office records of all the district central cooperative banks in Marathwada region.
Marathwada Region of Maharashtra State, India