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Alternate Systems of Payment

Alternate Systems of Payment

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According to FinScope (2008), 37.3% of the South African population is currently unbanked – this amounts to approximately 12 million people who do not have a bank account in their name. Salaries and wages are paid by cash or cheque, resulting in losses to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through cash payment systems, ‘grey’ economies, increased friction, and higher transactional costs, whilst creating opportunities for criminals. Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) regulations, including Exemption 17, have made it difficult for the Living Standards Measure (LSM) 1-5 socio-economic group of people to open bank accounts. Similarities exist between Mexico and South Africa, enabling their experiences to be used as a reference for South Africa. The Prepaid Salary Card is an EuroPay MasterCard VISA (EMV) based ‘chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number)’ card supported by either MasterCard or VISA.
The Acceptance of Prepaid Salary Cards in the South African Fuel Retail Industry