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Stock market integration

Stock market integration

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Financial markets in most developing countries have grown rapidly over the past few decades owing to various factors such as deregulation, globalisation and advances in information technology. During this time financial markets all over the world have also witnessed growing integration among themselves. Market integration means a situation where there are no impediments such as legal restrictions, transaction costs, taxes and tariffs against the trade in foreign assets or the mobility of portfolio equity flows. Stock market integration is vital for a host of reasons. It provides further opportunities in risk-sharing among integrated markets. It also contributes to financial stability by enhancing competition and efficiency in the allocation of resources. In addition, it reduces the cost of capital and price volatility among integrated markets. This book sheds light on the financial integration among four emerging stock markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, namely, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco.
in the MENA region