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Research on NPA Management

Research on NPA Management

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Advance is heart and recovery is oxygen for the bank and for the bank to survive it is necessary to give advances and recover the amount at the appropriate time.After the global financial turmoil in 2008, Indian banks begin the new year with a lurking fear that their Non Performing Assets (NPA) would go up with their portfolios coming under severe stress. This book contains research work done on the NPA management in Co-operative Banking sector.It covers various aspects like credit policy, NPA management, recovery management, etc. It contains identification and concept of NPA,various stages of non-collectible financial assets and suggestions for effective recovery management.This book will help all the readers in understanding the critical problem of NPA in banking sector.It will be helpful to all the students who want to do research in the same field.
NPA and Recovery Management in Co-operative Banking Sector