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Regional Rural Banks-A Comparative Study

Regional Rural Banks-A Comparative Study

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Regional Rural Banks – A Comparative Study is concerned with the problems that arise in attempting to discuss in details various tools and techniques which can be gainfully can be employed to solve the regional rural bank’s problems such as NPA’s, operational and managerial issues. The objectives of the book are; review the reforms of regional rural banks, study the performance RRBs at macro level, examine the financial performance and analyze the managerial performance of selected regional rural banks through CAMEL Model which is analytical and empirical in nature and finally made suggestions for sound and effective financial functioning of sample banks. The study, undoubtedly, unearthed the valuable conclusions based on the analytical approach and which would throw some light on a bunch of gains for making sound decisions, managerial performance and summary of conclusions and suggestions. The text is divided into six chapters dealing with aspects; as methodological issues, organization and Management of RRB’s including the provisions of reforms,the operational performance of RRBs at macro-level, measurement of financial soundness of the sample banks with the help of CAMEL Model
Study of Financial Performance of Rural Banks