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Improving Customer Service Delivery In Bank PHB

Improving Customer Service Delivery In Bank PHB

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Service has become the most important factor to remain competitive in the banking industry in Nigeria. Most banks have realized that since all offer homogeneous products to their customers, they have to stay ahead with excellent customer service in order to acquire and retain customers. The dissertation set out to first evaluate the present state of service delivery in Bank PHB and then find out ways of improving service delivery in the organization based on responses and suggestions received from the questionnaires administered. From the responses analyzed, it was discovered that Bank PHB performed creditably well on all the service parameters used i.e. Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Tangibility. Core improvement suggestions were made by the respondents on existing or new areas that can be addressed. Some of the suggestions include introduction of self service, business process improvements and improvement in security guards attitude and approach etc. Strategy to improve service suggested includes training, adherence to a strict service standard drawn up for various service points and constant evaluation to obtain feedback.
Exploring opportunities in improving customer service experience