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Formation & Evaluation of Financial Investments

Formation & Evaluation of Financial Investments

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The study is dedicated to the analytical approaches and application of the instruments recommended for the formation of finance instruments and evaluation of their feasibility (sample of NASDAQ OMX Baltic securities). The financial sector as a generator of sustainable development is at the same time an important instability determinant influencing the risk of adverse economic recession. The first part (Laima Urbsiene, Aliona Matvejeva) is investigating the relationship & trends in variables that may capture the impact of stock market development on economic growth, by employing Granger causality test and OLS regression to test hypothesis. In the second part (Paulius Zabinskas, Antanas Buracas), the portfolio optimization management is analyzed with account of different risk levels, management strategies. The five types of portfolios for the 2007 – 2012 were analyzed what revealed that there is more important to minimize investment risks instead of trying to find the best expected return versus risk ratio point during instable periods in the market.
Impact on Growth & Optimization