Risk analysis and Risk management in  Banks

Risk analysis and Risk management in Banks

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In view of growing complexity of banks’ business and the dynamic operating environment, risk management has become very significant, especially in the financial sector. Risk at the apex level may be visualized as the probability of a banks’ financial health being impaired due to one or more contingent factors. While the parameters indicating the banks’ health may vary from net interest margin to market value of equity, the factor which can cause the important are also numerous. For management of risk at corporate level, various risks like credit risk, market risk or operational risk have to be converted into one composite measure. Therefore, it is necessary that measurement of operational risk should be in tandem with other measurements of credit and market risk so that the requisite composite estimate can be worked out. So, regarding to international banking rule (Basel Committee Accords) and RBI guidelines the investigation of risk analysis and risk management in Co-Op banks is being most important.
Financial Risk Managment