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Financial Markets and Institutions in the 21st Century

Financial Markets and Institutions in the 21st Century

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Financial Markets and Institutions provides a broad application of important perspective in maintaining a risk measurement and management framework. This Book recognizes that domestic and foreign financial markets are becoming increasingly integrated and that financial intermediaries are evolving towards a single financial services industry.The analytical rigor is mathematically accessible to all levels of students, undergraduate and postgraduate, and is balanced by a comprehensive discussion of the unique environment within which financial markets and institutions operate.Important practical tools such as how to issue and trade financial securities and how to analyze financial statements and loan application will arm students with skills necessary to understand and manage financial markets and institutions risks in this dynamic environment. while descriptive concepts, so important to financial management[financial market securities, regulations, industry trends, and industry charateristics, etc] are included in the book ample analytical techniques are also included as practical tools to help students understand the operation of modern financial markets and institutions.
Financial Markets and Institutions in the 21st century[ principles and practice]