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The Role of regulators in Capital Markets of Pakistan

The Role of regulators in Capital Markets of Pakistan

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This book will provide the details of different crisis witnessed by Pakistan's Capital Markets since year 2005 and onward and will assist regulators for adding the additional critically needed elements of transparency, accountability and integrity to capital markets to avoid any further crisis and provide necessary risk management regulations prior to the problem. In this publication you will find how in-house badla become major cause for different crisis. In addition to this regulated market as established in the “Carry Over Transactions Regulations, 1993”, brokers have customarily engaged in unregulated COT lending through what is commonly referred to as In-house badla. The purpose of the study is to understand the role of regulators in capital markets of Pakistan focusing the impact of the price floor imposed on Karachi Stock Exchange in the year 2008 which includes objective and outcomes as well as how it effect the investors, economy and image of Pakistan, and why regulators allowed off market trades even the price floor was imposed. Target audience, print and electronic media, local and foreign fund managers, different regulators of the world markets and bank treasury etc.
Focused on the Floor Imposed at Karachi Stock Exchange in the year 2008