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An Alternate Approach to Financial Inclusion of Muslims in India

An Alternate Approach to Financial Inclusion of Muslims in India

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The Government of India's appointed Sachar Committee has documented in its findings that, “Muslims and Muslim dominated areas have been categorizes as ‘negative zones’ because of a certain mindset prevailing in the banking sector and also for reasons of faith and therefore bank credit and other banking facilities are not easily available to the Muslims.” On the other hand ‘Interest’ is ‘haram’ i.e. ‘forbidden’ for Muslims and therefore they have being in search of an alternate banking system that will suit their religious obligation. Time and again various institutions have been floated to serve this need but they have failed to deliver. One such institution which has survived the bubble in Mumbai is AICMEU'S Baitul Mal Co-op Credit Society Ltd. Operating from predominated Muslim localities on a very microscopic scale it has been working silently to fulfil the needs of the Muslims. A brief study of the Credit Society presented here will help people understand the concept of practicing ‘non-interest’ based banking in the most simplified form. We hope this shall kindle interest in the subject and lead to further discussions, debates and practices not only in India but world over.
A Case Study of AICMEU'S Baitul Mal Cooperative Credit Society Limited, Mumbai