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Time Series Applications in Financial Economics

Time Series Applications in Financial Economics

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Aftermath of 2008 global financial crisis, financial catastrophies became a real phenomenon especially for emerging market countries. In these recent events it became clearer that finance is something much more than a branch of school of business administration, in fact it must be. Financial Engineering and quants became the rock stars of financial markets and the bad guys as well since the beginning of the millenium. As a result of these requirements of financial philosophy, we provided three different time series applications based on financial sector and real sector. We hope reader of this book may conclude that the relationship between real sector and financial sector should be established again in the academical area first. Although in the markets this relationship seems to have collapsed, it should be remembered that science has found that nothing can disappear without a trace. Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation.
An Alliance of Real Sector and Financial Sector Analysis