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Financing Energy Efficiency In South Africa

Financing Energy Efficiency In South Africa

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The author reviews published research papers, articles, policy documents and case studies on energy efficiency (EE) projects completed in developed and developing EE markets to establish the key factors driving those markets. A broad analysis of existing financing models and support policies for implementing EE projects by lenders and investors is done, with inferences drawn on possible financing model adaptations for use in the South African market. The Brazil,India,South Africa, UK and USA markets are analysed in terms of structure, development and complex participant relationships. Noted in particular is the apparent slow uptake by lenders to fund EE projects in developing markets, despite the evident substantial projected returns and policy support frameworks. The behavior of lenders suggests the classical information asymmetry problem between lenders (buyers of future project cash flows) and project owners (borrowers) selling EE project cash flows, specifically in developing markets. The author suggests a financing model and modifications that may be adopted for the South African market drawing on appropriate features of existing financing models in other markets.
A Review of Energy Efficiency Markets and Assessment of Financing Options For South Africa-Lessons From Other Markets