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The Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure

The Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure

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A mixture of debt-equity financing is a capital structure. Choice between debt and equity as well as its determinants are related to several different factors. The main purpose of this empirical research study is to examine firm’s level specific determinants, industry wise, which may have impact on the firm’s capital structure. Present study closely examined firms in chemical, engineering, sugar, fuel & energy and cement sector listed at Karachi stock exchange of Pakistan over the period 2004-09 by employing OLS regression Models in a panel data analysis. Eight independent variables were employed for examining the impact on leverage regarding different non-financial sectors of Pakistan. This study will contribute towards the existing body of knowledge as not so much extensive empirical research work has been done in Pakistan. Also, this study has both importance to different respondents i.e. analysts, researchers, investors, and firm’s finance managers as well as has policy implications.
A Case of Different Non-Financial Sectors in Pakistan