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Business Finance

Business Finance

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The textbook is heavily centered on sources and uses of finance, in a world of dynamic changes mainly characterized by innovation and massive technological advancement. The book then goes further to consider the traditional and modern theories of capital structure, as well as investment appraisal techniques and measurement of risks and returns facing competing investment projects. It goes further to look at methods used in determination of project cash flows, before it considers dividend polices and theories firms can use in their quest to grow and develop, and let alone reward shareholders from time to time. It is the writer’s belief that the book may be found extremely useful in all Bachelor of Commerce degree programmes that would be mainly concerned with sources of conventional finance for investment purposes, hence there is no doubt that the sequencing of content illustrations and explanations of material in this book would go a long way to convince the reader to use it on a regular basis to draw information for assignments , for courses like investment analysis , corporate finance and business finance in particular.
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