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Foreign Institutional Investors(FII) and The Indian Stock Market

Foreign Institutional Investors(FII) and The Indian Stock Market

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Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) and The Indian Stock Market An Economic Study SUMMARY Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) is used to denote an investor - mostly of the form of an institution or entity, which invests money in the financial markets of a country different from the one, where in the institution or entity was originally incorporated. FII investment is frequently referred to as hot money for the reason that it can leave the country at the same speed at which it comes in. In countries like India, statutory agencies like SEBI have prescribed norms to register FIIs and also to regulate such investments flowing in through FIIs. Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), norms includes maintenance of highly rated bonds (collateral) with security exchange. Foreign Investment refers to investments made by residents of a country in financial assets and production process of another country. After the opening up of the borders for capital movement these investments have grown in leaps and bounds. But it had varied effects across the countries. It can affect the factor productivity of the recipient country and can also affect the balance of payments.
FII Investment and Indian Stock Market–A Discussion,Economics Analysis of Foreign Institutional Investment and Stock Mar