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Stock Price Puzzle

Stock Price Puzzle

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Determination of stock price has always been a complex puzzle and a burning issue in the literature of investment finance. From company specific variables such like dividends, earnings and leverage, the theory has progressed towards the development of sophisticated models which have considerable predictability power regarding stock price movements. These theories and models work well in the large stock markets of developed economies, but still much is unknown regarding the phenomenon, particularly referring to the comparatively small stock markets of developing nations. Do these factors, theories and models are efficient in the stock markets of developing countries as they are in stock markets of developed nations? This book provides empirical evidence on this phenomenon by explorations of all important variables in the literature along with applicability of some famous models with regard to stock price prediction. Both the company specific and macroeconomic factors are accounted for in the analysis and importance of industry differences for stock evaluation is also highlighted in the analysis.
An Exploratory Study of Karachi Stock Exchange with Empirical Evidence