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Financial Development and Growth in the CEMAC Zone

Financial Development and Growth in the CEMAC Zone

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This text embodies cutting-edge tools necessary for limping financial systems. It outlines clearly, that such financial systems require political impulsion to propel their private sectors. Ensuring a proper cohabitation between private sector development and financial system development would require an efficient functioning judicial system- thus, the importance of legal systems to financial development and consequently economic growth. The transmission mechanism from increase in investment to increase demand and supply of investment finance does not only depend on the amelioration of the legal system but rather on the quality of the amelioration. From a step by step review of the era of financial repression to financial liberalisation and later, an indepth analysis of the process of financial deepening in the CEMAC zone, the author has outlined why many financial systems remain shallow and he went futher to propose strageties to make financial systems engines of growth.The case of the CEMAC zone is not different from other developing economies or regions.
Making A Financial System Work