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Investors' Protection in the Indian Capital Market

Investors' Protection in the Indian Capital Market

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The Indian Capital Market is at a tipping point.Instances of fraud, scams and mismanagement in India have resulted in erosion of confidence of small investors. The role of capital market regulators assumes even more significance. This study begins by tracing the genesis and growth of the Indian Capital Market. There are several questions presently facing the Indian Capital Market:What are the perceptions, preferences and worries of small investors in the capital market and to what extent are they satisfied? What role is being played by regulatory authorities in investor protection and education?How effective have been SEBI, BSE and NSE on investor protection, grievances handling and educational awareness? What steps have been taken for educating the small investor by SEBI? These are some questions which this book attempts to find answers to. This book would be useful to all who would like to know more about the trials and tribulations of retail investors in Indian Capital market.
Indian Retail Investors: How safe are they?