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Pattern Beings

Pattern Beings

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“Pattern beings” deals with decoration, ornaments and patterns as omnipresent beings around us. Ornament has always been a part of items of everyday use in history. Radical modernist and functionalist views led by avant-garde Bauhaus in the first half of the 20th century created new tendencies eliminating decoration out of household items. Despite these efforts, decorativeness has not disappeared from the design process which is demonstrated by new approaches in the design profession. These tendencies were an impulse that brought me to study this topic. Subsequently, I designed an object based on the knowledge gained. The final work – “Catherine - the amber table” is inspired by the characteristics of an amber fossil. The idea, stemming from the context of time in the search for a decorative motif, was transformed into a table. Its optical properties generate patterns around itself as a variable element, depending on light conditions in its surroundings. The concept brings out a different way of working with ornament. Patterns are not created on the object, but it is the object that creates the patterns.
Ornaments and patterns in the context of time