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Men’s Fashion

Men’s Fashion

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This book creates a discussion on men’s fashion (clothes) in relation to the impact of image and the identity of individuality. The studies of fashion historians, writers, and designers on this subject area have been analysed with the reflections from the author in order to generate the ‘new look’ for men. The ‘image’ of men, in this context is shaped by fashion and media under creative leadership and powered by a vast range of models not only in fashion, but also in other disciplines (sport, movies). People communicate their personalities and identities through clothing hence production of individuality in social and cultural phenomena is vital to study. The book offers valuable insight of masculine image creation in twenty first century covering a wide range of fashion scenarios (i.e sexuality, masculinity, and the style) for the purpose of scholars in fashion and business disciplines. It will also be critical reading for all those who wish to invigorate their consciousness on men’s fashion.
Image and the Identity of Men’s Individuality