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Design Behavior Profiles

Design Behavior Profiles

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Current research dealing with design processes and design behavior has recently increased in interest and scope. However, one of the aspects worthy of additional investigation is the differences between individual designers'' unique ways of designing. This book presents an in-depth research into variations in design behavior, based on an experiment conducted with interior design students. The primary goal of the research was to determine the students'' designing characteristics and their interrelations, for the purpose of deriving design behavior profiles. Following the analysis of the identified design behavior profiles, we demonstrate how these guide a variety of distinct approaches to problem formulation and solution generation. The enhanced understanding and increased awareness to design behavior patterns and to the diversity of student population is encouraging educators to develop a more suitable pedagogical contents and methodologies. This study is intended towards educators, researchers and designers keen on enhancing their understanding of the design process.
Similarities and Differences in Design Students'' Processes