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This Way Up And Around

This Way Up And Around

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The design of a modular, multifunctional room divider is the focus of this research. Designed with Computer-Aided Technology and Computer-Aided Manufacturing processes in mind, the modular unit started as a simple cube for its purity and perfectly geometric qualities (same width, height and depth) and was later developed into more complex objects after careful consideration and various design iterations. These tests regarding shape and size of the unit were made in order to come up with its final design, starting at units that were based on straight lines and angles to curved, almost organic units. A third phase started when the possibility of color was put into discussion and along with it, one could understand the different reactions color can bring when experiencing an object. As a final material for the project, plastic was chosen due to its extreme versatility when it refers to the colors, texture and production process.
Stacking Modular Units to Design Furniture Pieces