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Learning Environments and Creativity

Learning Environments and Creativity

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Any understanding of education includes the term creativity. This is why this study aims to combine the environment and creativity, and investigate how the design of the learning environment, in which learning and a variety of activities take place, influence the creativity of the students. This study analyzes the interaction between the physical and social aspects of the learning environment and creativity. Undoubtedly, there are several influential factors on the development of a child. The physical characteristics of the learning environment are one of the most effective as children spend a large portion of their day in these spaces. The characteristics of the learning environment should be fully understood in order to provide useful data ready to be used for the good of the inhabitants. This study examines spaces in which art activities take place, and the influence of these spaces on the students. The investigation dwells upon the "creativity factor" and how the design and organization of the art-room affects the level of creativity in students, by examining the environment in which art activities take place.
A Study of Sixth Grade Art-Rooms