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Collaborative Services in Ubiquitous Network

Collaborative Services in Ubiquitous Network

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In last years phenomena of collaborative services and production have emerged and boomed in two contexts: they emerge, on one hand, as "Creative Communities" in everyday life, and as "Open Source Method" in cyber space on another. The book starts a hypothesis that the convergence between them could catalyze new transformation of our lifestyles towards sustainability. Therefore, it provides some pilot investigation by phenomenological and action research: one cases study and two service design projects, in order to analysis the evolvement of collaborative service in this convergence, in particular, the mechanism of Mobilized Collaborative Services, and their design implication. It should be a useful reference to the researchers and professionals in the field of Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability, especially in utilization of MCTs for Grassroots Social Innovation. The research experiences and outcomes also could be helpful to those in the fields of Service Design, Social Design and Mobile Social Network. The research is partly supported by "the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities"(JUSRP11136).
Exploring design for social innovation and sustainability in network society