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Developments in Auditorium Design in last fifty years 1960-2009

Developments in Auditorium Design in last fifty years 1960-2009

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The present research is concerned in analyzing the auditorium buildings in terms of all factors relating to architecture, buildings and activities. A critical study has been done on the examples of well known auditoriums. Information about their architects, construction dates, plan form, section, elevation, and seating arrangements was given. The developments in auditoriums in the last fifty years were studied. With this study it is hoped to give design ideas for new auditoriums, and designers of contemporary auditoriums. The study aims to become a kind of reference for those who will be designing new auditoriums. It is important to note that all these researches have contributed to close the gap between design and developments, and attribute to developing the interactions between man and architecture. The research is divided into three parts: Part one is the context provided, background information, classification of the auditoriums, history of auditoriums and the methodology of the research. Part two contained the data and the analysis of developments in auditorium design. Part three covers discussion and conclusion of the research.
A Critical Study of Developments in Auditorium Design in the Last Fifty Years (1960-2009)