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Sustainable Tall Building Design

Sustainable Tall Building Design

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Buildings might cause environmental impacts through their life cycles. It is considered that tall buildings have much more environmental impacts than to low-rise buildings. In order to decrease these impacts carrier system design and sustainable design concepts come into prominence for tall buildings. Carrier system materials and carrier system types as part of carrier system design, and ecological, economical and social-cultural sustainable design criteria as part of sustainable design should be handled as a whole for the design of tall buildings. In this book, the application of sustainable design criteria on 10 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificated tall buildings was examined. Afterwards, the application success of ecological, economical and social-cultural sustainable design criteria for the examined tall buildings was evaluated in the context of the suggested evaluation method. The evaluation and the relations built in this book should be adopted as sustainable design approach by all actors that take role in building sector.
Evaluation Of Leed Certificated Tall Buildings