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History of Restoration in Iran

History of Restoration in Iran

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Introduction and evolution of modern principles of conservation and restoration in Iran unlike European countries is neither the result of well-structured European academic criterion nor as the result of the cultural development of the sensitized cult about the necessity of preserving historical patrimony for future generations. The diversity of Iranian contexts, multiplicity of the intervening factors and other factors have characterized a different background for the raise and developments of restoration in the country. This book tends to study the origins and developments of the restoration in Iran from its very first moments till the 1978. As very little efforts have been done regarding the study of the origins of the formation of restoration in Iran, this study could be considered the first one of its type. Through a flexible structure in interdisciplinary research fields like architecture, restoration and archaeology, this study defines the influencing and characterizing factors in the formation and development of restoration in Iran with solid case studies.
Origins and Developments from 1900 to 1978