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Nanoarchitecture and Global Warming

Nanoarchitecture and Global Warming

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As result of globalization, new notion called the global problems has appeared such as the financial crisis, global warming, and Climate change and biodiversity affecting the whole world in general and the third world developing countries in particular resulting from the developed countries actions. One of these solutions is using the nanotechnology and the environmental materials in architecture so as to reduce energy consumption in the public buildings to reduce its heat emissions. Hence, reaching the main purpose of this study finding the best ways to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions harming the environment. Also on the private or individual level, it leads to zero carbon architecture through using nanotechnology, and nanoarchitecture. This will be done through case studies in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, it is to convert the building to be environmentally friendly and based on renewable energy and to minimize the consumption of the building for electricity generated from burning of petroleum products without influence a performance of the building and the performance of his job required him to even raise the operational efficiency and interaction with users.
New Revolution for Nanomaterials