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Film and Architecture - Is it related? If yes,how? With emerging new technologies, the art of film making is widening its vistas and more of techniques and sub fields are developing. Hence, this calls for a REDESIGN & UPGRADE of the film institute. Film is all about bringing ideas to life with passion, creativity and the application of technology. In developing the "complete professional, well-rounded in all areas of the pipeline", the schools of film provide innovative, intensive studio environment; an artistic experience; and engagement with the world at large. A film infra space is a film institute that provides the world with knowledge towards the making and processing of film, its guidelines, program, external perspective and sense of spatial experience The intent is to create an experience derived from film by using the filming techniques in interplay between architecture and the characters To create an environment that not just teaches but also let the people experience the world of film with architecture imbibed in it.
FTII-Film & Television Institute India CoA-Council of Architecture