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Light?Games in Our Cities

Light?Games in Our Cities

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The book discusses application of digital technology for interactive urban lighting design. It approaches urban issues and provides socio-psychological human values in our cities. It shows what make interactive lighting design succeed static and dynamic lighting design; and role of architecture, technology and users in interaction. It also discusses game as a design approach for interactive urban lighting design; that integrates socio-psychological urban values for emotional, sensorial and unobtrusive environments to provide a participatory way towards sustainability and adaptability in urban settings. The book shall be useful to students, architects, urban designers and lighting designers to develop and innovative urban lighting,light-play, digital interaction, emotional and sensorial experiences towards an approach to urban lighting design; it is under the perspective of surveyed, discovered relation of urban, play and interactive values that has been used to analyze and to design.
An Approach to Playful and Interactive Urban Lighting Design