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Unten Im Cafe

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Vienna is the exquisite city with an emperor-like spirit. It covered a long way of development and born as a little castrum became the capital city of modern architecture. Vienna is described as a phenomenon of „Zusammenleben“. It is an architectonic and artistic inspiration in all fields. Especially fascinating for architects was its housing space which has been developed for ages. The city is often defined as a gate between east and west Europe, well-known and respected for its architecture, especially avant–garde residential developments and social housing financed by the government. Social consciousness is still present in its urban progress. But the observer following Vienna's urban processes will notice on its map the areas which are still so called „no - man’s - land“, neglected and derelicted, requiring architectonic interference. The task of the project is giving an answer to the questions concerning the development of the part of the city mentioned above and bringing life into it, to exploit its potential,creating an impulse. The plot is one of the most specific Viennese areas……
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