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Seduced by Form

Seduced by Form

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Museums have been identified in recent decades as the most popular tourist destinations around the world. The popularity of these historically designated guardians of cultural heritage may not be based entirely on their apparent and recently ‘re-discovered’ educational and social significance; rather, it is for the most part an outcome of various strategies that aim at securing the industry’s illustrious past with future stability. Focusing on the theory of “spectacle,” as proposed by Guy Debord, the book interogates the notion of spectacularized aesthetics as a dominant force behind many contemporary art museum projects, one that becomes an explicit goal in itself and a critically important element in the overall architectural assembly. The value of "Seduced by Form" lies in the cultural and economic implications. From historical perspective to avant-garde trends, this in-depth analysis of contemporary art museum buildings should be particularly gratifying to professionals and students in the fields of museum studies, architecture, art criticism, art history and curatorial practice, or readers whose interests gravitate towards visual and material culture.
Aesthetics of Spectacle in Contemporary Art Museum Architecture