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Evaluation of Riverfront's Landscape

Evaluation of Riverfront's Landscape

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Landscape architecture today in the beginning of twenty-first century has three new features; first feature is a new trend which is landscape regeneration of world's riverfront which they were neglected for a long time. Second feature is a new decision-making method by involving the lay public in the design process in all stages. The third feature is the wide use of computer technology in landscape architecture with different ways, especially in the representation of design ideas, so computer simulated visualization is considered now an essential tool in design processes. From previous three new features of landscape architecture the research presents the idea that computer simulated visualization, if used appropriately, can revolutionize the process of public participation in evaluating the process of riverfronts' landscape regeneration alternatives in an effective way, so the research aims to develop an approach to enhance public participation in river Nile banks regeneration using new computer simulated visualization techniques, and then testing the reliability of this suggested approach through a limited experiment that is applied on evaluation of proposed alternatives of rive
Using Computer Simulated Visualization as an Approach to Public Participation in River Nile Banks' Regeneration